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a fair, safe place to see how well you pass

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tpassing is a place for trans people to get constructive feedback on passing: how well they pass, why, and how they can pass better

post a picture, video, audio, etc securely. then other users will leave you constructive feedback

tpassing is

secure (no record of picture / link)

security is the number one goal of this site, based on the fundamental issue with the task at hand: we want some internet strangers to be able to see us, but we don't want other internet strangers to be able to see us.


fair (give feedback to get feedback)

tpassing sorts posts by the amount of constructive feedback the poster has given minus how much they've received.


this sort is known as the Coolness algorithm, after ludum dare.


constructive (including optional age votes)

one vote is usually not enough to describe a post

for posts, we have; one: is it in good faith? two: does the poster pass? (optionally, how old does the poster look? in my experience, this is especially helpful for transmasculine people!)

for comments, we have; one: is it constructive? two: do i agree with it?

if we post a constructive but controversial comment, our comment should be seen. and we should not encourage posting an agreeable comment that's useless, like "you don't pass."


free software (ad-free and people-focused)

tpassing is free software. You can view the source on github. this means that you can rest assured there is no secret data collection going on, and also use the software as you wish. there are no advertisements.

we also welcome contributions! You can help by contributing, reporting bugs, or donating to the project. please view the list of contributors.


tpassing is a safe space. please respect that by joining only if you are transgender / trans / non-binary

comparison with /r/transpassing

on /r/transpassing:

/r/transpassing is a huge service to the community, but it has serious flaws, because it is not well-suited to reddit. tpassing is my answer.

why i think passing matters

passing is a difficult concept, because it is rooted in cissexism and transphobia. and it can be really dangerous, for cis and trans people, to get caught up in it. as a whole, we should be able to move on from passing as a concept as we move on from cissexism.

unfortunately, transphobia does exist. it's different in every circumstance, but for many people passing is necessary for safety. necessary to being employed, to being safe in public alone, or even to being percieved as the gender you are.

more controversially, i think that even in a safe place, it's ok to want to get my preferred pronouns without having to ask, to not have my motives questioned when i flirt with people, and to avoid some of the stress that comes every minute from living in the world as a non-passing trans person.

that said, it's also important to note that for many people, passing is impossible or unfeasible. passing is a privilege, and it should be treated as such.

please email me at cyanauroratp@gmail.com with any questions.

tpassing is very much in alpha. if you agree that it needs to be made, please help by contributing, reporting bugs, or donating to the project. list of contributors.

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if you have any questions, do not hesitate to email me at cyanauroratp@gmail.com. you can also follow me on the Fediverse at @cyanaurora@lgbt.io