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qr code for bitcoin address

address: 1NMp9Vi3R7bvNBkx2CqfukogoBqJBXsMKU

you can send bitcoins to this address


patreon: tpassing. i have no idea how this works but i figured i should have something besides bitcoin


if you would like to donate to cyan aurora / cosine, the developer of this site, instead, you can find ways to do that on my other site, Cosine Gaming.


the best option would be to donate your time! you can contribute to the source code or report bugs.

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a community requires members to thrive. tell anyone who might be looking for it about tpassing.com


if you donate to the project, it will only be used to advance the site, not go to the developers.

here have been the expenses so far:

with more money, i would like to:

other remarks

please email me with any questions at cyanauroratp@gmail.com

sorry if these donation options don't work for you. for obvious reasons I wish to remain relatively anonymous. paypal, for example, requires a full name. if you have any suggestions, please email me.